Varied Practice Model

The next step in reading science: from outcome variables to learning processes

For many students, traditional reading interventions don’t work because they do not consider how students learn. Finally, how students learn is linked to how they learn to read.

The Foundations Learning System uses technology to give teachers a way to employ an effective, proven learning framework that is successful in many domains of learning. It has also shown to be successful for these tough-to-teach students. Here’s how:

  • A novel instructional framework, driven by learning principles from cognitive science, personalizes each student’s experience.
  • Unlike most intervention models which focus on the mastery of isolated skills, the varied practice model allows students to derive the relevant characteristics of words from practice in a variety of carefully constructed tasks and difficulty levels.
  • This learning process promotes the retention, generalization, and application of skills to new words and new contexts.
  • Students develop automatic word recognition, a precursor to fluency and comprehension. They develop skills to flexibly use and generalize their decoding knowledge to become proficient readers.
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