Our Commitment

Our mission is to improve the literacy of all students, particularly those who struggle, by working with educators to build successful learning environments in schools and providing them with effective instructional tools based on proven learning models. We believe we will be successful with students only if we can redefine the relationship between schools and providers of curriculum and instructional tools.

The relationship must be based on a shared:

  • Vision
  • Responsibility for, and commitment to, results
  • Understanding of what it takes to get results

These elements, plus building/executing clearly defined plans for implementation and support and open communication, will lead, we believe, to educational progress in the school and the accomplishing our mission.

You can expect the following from us:

  • Candor, clarity, respect throughout the process
  • Active collaboration with school leadership in the implementation planning process
  • Creativity and collaboration in problem solving aspects of the implementation
  • Order fulfillment and delivery of training support as fits with your requirements and the mutually established implementation plan.
  • Continuous monitoring of the status of the implementation
  • Continuous communication
  • A curriculum that respects the critical role teachers play and engages teachers in the process of implementation